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Dowser Bette Epstein, Her Dog, Jake and Friends

Bette Epstein Dowser and her dog, Jake enjoy some fresh air at home. Photos from the West Coast Dowsing meetings show participants learning how to dowse. Bette is sitting on the left at a classroom table.

Dowsing Services

Bette Epstein is in demand for her dowsing skills. Her clients ask her to locate missing people, jewelry, pets, cell phones, and just about anything else. She even provides help long distance by telephone, letters and emails. Mostly she uses maps to pinpoint the place where the person or thing can be found. Water dowsing is a mainstay of Bette's business. She helps contractors, as well as farmers find the perfect place for their water wells. Call Bette before digging and you won't be disappointed by a dry well.

Bette Epstein is a founder of The North Central Tejas Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. Meetings are held at Heartsong Hypnosis Center in Dallas, Texas. Anyone with an interest in learning more about dowsing can attend. Workshops by Bette and other experts are inspiring and interesting. When you're talking about dowsing there's always something new and exciting to learn.

Call Bette for more information.
Phone: (214)358-3633.

Educational Services

Have you lost something you treasure or need answers to life changing questions?

Attend this Dowsing School for Beginners and Advanced Students.
Saturday and Sunday, November 15-16, 2014
9 am to 5 pm Heartsong Hypnotherapy Center
4314 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75209.
Phone: (214)358-3633.
We will start with TOOLS and end on Sunday with something special to honor the late Mary Marie Satterlee:
"Asking The Right Question."
Topics: Map Dowsing, Personal Issues, Water, Oil/Gas, Lost Things, People and Pets, Chakras, Muscle Testing, and Probably Lots More.

Brass Pendulum

There are many different kinds of pendulums. Anything which form a weighted drop on a chain or string can be used. Wedding rings, nails, washers, beads, pens, and necklaces are some of the things I have seen used. The idea is to ask a question which can be answered with a yes or no while allowing the pendulum to swing freely. If it swings clockwise it's one answer. A counter clockwise swing means something else. Pendulums are great for getting guidance about virtually any topic.

This Tool Is a Y Rod Sometimes Called a Witching Stick

The Y rod is one of the oldest kind of dowsing rod. Farmers used them to locate water on their property. Usually they found a tree branch which looks like this one. By holding it a certain way with both hands, it will point down when the dowser comes near a water vein. When asking questions related to the depth of the water and amount of the flow, the Y rod dips downward for each count. They are really fun to play with.

This Funny Guy is Dowsing With a Y Rod

I thought this cartoon was cute. While the man seems to be getting a reading with his Y rod, I doubt that he really is. He's not holding it quite right in his hands. If he had been to Bette's Dowsing School he would have learned to turn his hands palms up with his thumbs pointing towards his face. This is an odd way to hold the rod so it takes time to get used to it.

Bette Epstein Expert Dowser

"Bette represents five generations of dowsers. She's been dowsing for most of her life. Recently Bette gave the keynote speech at the West Coast Dowsing conference in Santa Cruz, California. A copy of her talk included in this website discusses the many legendary dowsers who have influenced her life. It reads like a Who's Who in American Dowsers. She's funny, and it's a delight to hear her talk about her longtime love of dowsing. It's a real pleasure to be in her company."