Dowsing: How Does It Work?

How Does Dowsing Work?


                FOR  …… ANYTHING!!!!

How does it work?

Don’t worry about it…NO ONE really knows… just believe whatever makes sense to YOU.

Does it make any difference what instrument I use?  NO

Does my instrument require a “witness” chamber.   NO

Do I have to have the “gene”  to be a good dowser?  NO

What is the most important thing I need to be a successful dowser?   PRACTICE… and to let your tools lead you, don’t attempt to lead them… or it.    STOP  ANALYZING!!!

Add to the following list anything you are interested in and let’s get started:

  • Water/gas/oil/ gold and other minerals.
  • Health…. i.e.   scanning the body for hot spots/  determining the need for supplements/ food choices/ allergies/origin of pain/ selecting safe beauty and bath products, etc.
  • Energy field, including Chakras/ etheric bodies/ feng shui
  • Home construction:   Placement on lot/ finding underground utility lines/ location of any adverse energies/studs and electrical or plumbing in walls.
  • Gardening:  placement of plants or trees/best time to plant/ assess quality of supplements/ best treatments for sick plants/ how to create a French coil/
  • Selecting names for unborn child/ new pet/
  • Astrology:  can’t remember time of birth.. dowse it.
  • Genealogy:  can’t find legal facts?   Dowse it.
  • Map dowsing.
  • Lost people or pets.
  • Lost objects…

                     Your turn….

“Who shall inherit the earth? The curious, the seeker, those who know… there is more to life than what we see.” B.E”

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