Dowsing: What Is It?

Is Dowsing Real? What Is Dowsing?

Well…  no one really knows how it works and if some smart person tries to explain it to you,  put your fingers into your ears and start humming.   Everyone has a theory and dowsing has been around before printed theories, so it is all up for personal opinion.

The first mention of dowsing in the bible was Miriam, Moses’ sister.  As the Hebrews wandered the desert, she provided drinking water by pointing her “stick” to the earth and there they would find water.   This water was called “Miriam’s Movable Well”.

In England, a man having the surname Dowse helped the king find missing objects, leading the king to call this skill Dowsing.   You can believe that or make up some other reason.   Finding and Questing was also called Witching by the early settlers in New England because they used a forked Witch Hazel limb as their tool.

Dowsing is a sixth sense.

Anyone who believes he can dowse can practice until he becomes proficient at it.  Many people dowse as naturally as breathing, without practice.   Although dowsing is most commonly associated with finding water but it is much more than that.  In addition to “finding,” dowsing is a direct route to your higher consciousness, to your body’s voice, to your soul mate, to true North!

Dowsing tools are a physical expression of the inner dowser.

Many dowsers use only their pulse of their bodily reactions to access answers.   The most difficult obstacle to overcome in becoming an excellent dowser is to turn off your thinking, analyzing and guessing brain.   Just let it happen.   Trust that everything on the planet knows where everything else is and let that information come to you.

Absolutely. Dowsing is Real!

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